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I believe we can live on a healthy planet, we can live and work in healthy places, we can wear sustainable fashion, and we can use (and reuse and repair) well built, eco-friendly products. I believe we can impact the places we live and the air we breathe.  I believe we make a difference.  I believe in businesses that put people, planet, and profit at the forefront. I believe you are here, on this website, because you want to be a difference maker.  You have your why.  Let's discover how.

Whether we believe climate change is man-made, is natural, or is some combination, there is no doubt our climate has changed.  The changes we are seeing now are not sustainable for healthy living (the air we breathe, the water we drink, the oceans and lands from which we get our food, the disasters - fire - flood - drought we face).  I believe we can reverse the effects by changing what we do, what we do it with, and how we do it. 

We are difference makers and we have an opportunity to affect change.  I believe we can affect change simply by asking.  Ask your grocer, your retailer, your boss, your parents, your neighbors - do you have, can you get, have you considered - these options?  If you let businesses know what you want (what you will buy), they want to make customers happy and earn your business so they will often at least look into it. The more interest the more likely.  Start here: #Ask4Hemp

I don't have all of the answers, but I believe we have a community of really amazing, smart, driven, inspired difference makers that will figure it out.  I believe if we can bring together our ideas, our money, our inspiration, our buying power, our ambitions, and our know how - we can affect change.  I believe in us.  Let's make a difference starting today.

Whether humans created climate change or Mother Nature affected climate change - or both, climate HAS CHANGED and continues to change.  We, as humans, with our beautiful minds and our enormous capabilities, have an opportunity to further affect change.  We have the scientific knowledge to do things a different way. We make choices everyday that, collectively, can have an impact and how big that impact is is up to us.  We can choose to continue on the path we are on or we can choose to make changes that can impact climate change for the benefit of humanity, or not.  What do you choose?

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