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Why Hemp?

Clean Design  -  Clean Construction  -  Clean Living 

In Construction


Buildings & construction are a major driver of energy demand and global CO2 emissions.  They jointly account for nearly 40% of global CO2 emissions and also 40% of final energy consumption.


Mold and air quality are important factors to consider when creating a home for our family. Hemplime is "breathable" and can regulate humidity.


Hemplime is Fire Resistant


Opportunities are abound for farmers, small business owners, contractors, scientists, educators, environmentalist, and hemp advocates.

My Why? In July 2019 I heard an OPB segment about hemp. What surprised me was the amount of biomass waste created by CBD production.  I wanted to know what could we do with this biomass, which lead me down a rabbit hole of discovering more about the history of hemp and its many possible uses. As I learned more about hemp, I discovered how it could help our climate.  I became particularly interested in how hemplime / hempcrete could help not only create cleaner living (indoor air quality/health), but it can reduce carbon emissions in construction, it can sequester huge amounts of CO2, it can create jobs and opportunities for farmers, entrepreneurs, architects, contractors, communities, workforce development programs, and others.  I am now a hemp and natural building advocate and on a mission to see how we can use more sustainable products in our everyday lives, starting with the homes we live in and buildings we learn and work in. 

Exploring how we can

  • Develop and use sustainable materials and practices to build healthy living spaces and businesses

  • Support development in hempcrete, mycelium, algae concrete, seaweed, biomimicry for construction 

  • Provide opportunities to workforce development programs in sustainable and healthy construction, farming, entrepreneurship, and product and building material development

  • Build affordable, healthy, and sustainable living and work spaces for otherwise disadvantaged, vulnerable, or neglected communities

  • Create sustainable and healthy housewares and building furnishings (cabinets, flooring, furniture, accessories)

  • Ensure buildings and products have a circular life where items can be easily repaired and recycled a end of life

Are you a trailblazer ready to make a difference? I'm on the lookout for a visionary partner eager to join forces and embark on an exciting business venture centered on the principles of a circular economy. Our focus areas include natural building, community housing, small business innovation, workforce development, and healthy, sustainable real estate development. We're delving into cutting-edge construction methods, materials development, and the promotion of reuse, repair, and recycling. If you're passionate about transforming industries and contributing to a more sustainable and just future, let's collaborate on creating innovative solutions that redefine the way we build, live, and thrive together. Join me in this journey to make a lasting impact!

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